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DMIT (Demographic Multiple Intelligence Test) Career Counseling Test

Demographic Multiple Intelligence is a scientific method of understanding Brain Lobes and its usages. Dr. Howard Gardner introduced 9 Multiple Intelligence’s. Every person has a minimum of 9 Multiple Intelligence. Everybody has different ratios of Multiple Intelligence. Anyone can discover their Inborn Multiple Intelligence from DMIT Test. Fingerprints and Brain Connection. Fingerprints truly are closely associated with the infant’s mind development. Fingerprints are usually developed during the 13th to 19th week of an embryo. Fingerprints start to develop inside the embryo from 13th Week. In fact it gets formed by 24th week. Fingerprints and Brain Lobes

  • Medical experts confirmed that each person’s finger prints are unique.
  • The syndication of fingerprints is recognized as represent of human brain cells.
  • Brain Lobes can be analyzed depending on formation and amount of ridge present in the finger prints.
  • Children with learning difficulties will vary fingerprints in comparison to talented children’s

Types of Multiple Intelligence?  

9 Multiple Intelligences

  • Intrapersonal Intelligence: Self Smart
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: Number Smart
  • Musical Intelligence: Musical Smart
  • Linguistic Intelligence: Word Smart
  • Naturalist Intelligence: Nature Smart
  • Existential Intelligence: Phil Smart
  • Interpersonal Intelligence: People Smart
  • Spatial Intelligence: Picture Smart
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: Body Smart

Benefit's of DMIT Test

  • DMIT helps in understanding the different areas of your brain that are over and under emphasized
  • It helps in understanding your child's innate personality that will be beneficial for the future.
  • You can know about the different personality traits through DMIT.
  • It helps you in knowing your core strength and weaknesses so that you can eliminate risks that might it hurt your capability to move forward.
  • This is helpful as it saves the energy and time which is mostly wasted in learning other courses and subjects.
  • It helps you in understanding your behaviour which avoids relationship's issues
  • It helps to identify the balance between the left brain & right brain
  • It helps in knowing your personality type.
  • It guides you to the best extra-curricular activities which you can do who besides your studies.
  • It enhance's learning experience by guiding you with your with your best suitable learning style.
  • It helps in assessing your own personal IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ