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Mind Programming Session

What is Subconscious mind?

Subconscious mind is that level of brain which has more control over the taught. The subconscious processes the taught which comes in your conscious mind. The taught process of subconscious is very powerful. When these thoughts come to our conscious mind, they may or may not be in harmony with our programming. Subconscious mind is a type of operating system which consists of some strong beliefs & instructions, which controls all the software (mind) and hardware (brain) of the body. The conscious mind, which .as stated before is our current state of awareness. This is where we receive images and hear sounds that are interpreted as thoughts in our consciousness. The subconscious contains all our memory, habits, beliefs, personality, and more. The subconscious mind also controls the body. It will store information and act on it. The subconscious acts on whatever it is given by using instructions.

Mind Programming Session

What is Mind Programming?

The human mind are often programmed, it's said that we are never given a wish without the ability to satisfy it. Every person is capable of programming his own mind to attain what he needs. You’ll be able to tap this capability by following some easy steps. The subconscious mind is perfectly programmed with a survival package in the kind of universal instincts which will be synchronized with conscious programs to measure consonant. Any concept/wish is initial created within the subconscious mind; through positive imagination, supporting beliefs and a powerful sense of spirit. You’ll be able to bypass the aware mind whereas providing your subconscious mind with productive, life supporting beliefs.

The conscious mind will process concerning 40 bits of data per second; the subconscious mind will method 40 Million bits of knowledge per second! Imagine if you may program the subconscious mind by delivering lots of directions to it - per second. we tend to perpetually program our subconscious minds without realizing it. The conversations we have with ourselves and others, the knowledge we tend to expose ourselves to, our experiences, and our thought habits, all program the subconscious mind by default! The result will be seen in patterns in our lives.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be effective in much the same way as brain entrainment programs, except without the use of brainwave-altering frequencies. Instead, the hypnotist gradually talks you into a more relaxed and receptive state and delivers empowering, positive messages to your subconscious mind. Self-hypnosis is another popular option — you simply use pre-recorded audio programs instead of a live hypnosis session. You can even record your own self-hypnosis CDs so you’ll hear your own voice reciting positive affirmations while you’re in a relaxed state.

Steps in Mind Programming Session

  • First therapist spend 10 – 15 minutes with the client, making him visualize positive scenes that feature your life experiences, which allow you the client to feel love, joy, gratitude, and peace.
  • The therapist use affirmations to install positive messages into your subconscious. Affirmations are positive word, in the present tense. The therapist calls up the corresponding feelings and repeat affirmations again & again.
  • The therapist also make the use of Brain Entrainment Binaural Beats.
  • The therapist creates a more receptive forum for installing positive messages.
  • The hypnosis session will simply make you relax and focus on positive images.