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Money Reiki

A branch developed by Stephanie Brail in a meditative state

Money Reiki, is dedicated to the spiritual energy of money, and how to use it effectively in our life for attracting abundance and prosperity.

You must be aware of the fact that the whole universe is nothing but a form of energy. Everything in this world is a manifestation of energy and vibration. Similarly, the physical currency of money like notes, coins, etc. are also the manifestation of money energy or money frequency.

Money Reiki

One country’s physical currency is not applicable in another country as it’s not validated by the said government. Thus, coins and notes are not real money frequency or money energy. It is something else which we require to tap differently, and Money Reiki just does that. This spiritual energy helps you to raise your money frequency and you start vibrating at a different level, attracting some of the most favorable circumstances. This leads you ultimately to abundance and prosperity.