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Money Oil- Explore the prosperity & Security


Garnet Stone- Security by Earth: (Bracelet & Mala)

Chakra Rod\Dowsing Rod- Indentifies the energies

Healing Rod- Balance your Chakra


Himalayan Slat Lamp- Purifies Air

Name & Fame Bracelet- Combination for Money Attraction

Anxiety Bracelet- Let’s find cure

50% off*

Depression Bracelet- Let’s break it

Grid Box- Heal your body

Sati Box- Bloom your blessings


Wish Box- Make a wish

Shree Yantra- Seeks financial abundance

Electric Oil Diffuser- Let’s pour harmony

Essential Oil- Buy Happiness

Pendulum or Dowser- Find your answers

Kapur Burner- Boost healing factors

7 Chakra Pencil- Give immediate healing

Clear Quartz Crystal- Balance your Crown

Amethyst Crystal- Balance your Pineal gland (Third Eye)

Turquoise (Feroza) Crystal- Balance your Throat

Green Aventurine Crystal- Balance your Emotions

Tiger Eye Crystal- Balance your solar plexus

Citrin Crystal- Boost your Creativity

Red Jasper Crystal- Boost your Strength

Rose Quartz- Enhance your Peace

Black Tourmaline- A Protection Stone

Moonstone Crystal- A Stone of Hope

Carnelian Crystal- Know your Hobbies