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Rebirthing Breath Work Session

What is Rebirthing Breath work?

Rebirthing is a simple breathing method. There are no special techniques involved. It is natural breathing which is used to connect ourselves without sub conscious mind. Our sub-conscious mind is a store house of our thoughts, our emotions, our desires and our believes.

Rebirthing has nothing to do with any religion. It is a spiritual journey which takes you to a level where you realize your inner strength. Its aim is to help you take your own decisions so as to achieve real happiness. It helps you to develop your own thinking and see through your owes that you created yourself. It also guides to you change your life and your situations the way you want it.

Rebirthing Breath

Need of Rebirthing Breath work?

Today most people, all over the world suffer from anxiety, depressions, emotional distress, relationship issues, and many such ailments. They take recourse to clinical remedies which are not effective in curing them. But a new therapy is now available, which is called “Rebirthing Breathwork”. Rebirthing Breathwork helps you to handle issues which keep troubling you. Above all, it helps you to know yourself better.

It is a process which enables you to become the master of your own mind and body impacting your day to day life.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a therapy of all – round healing physical, emotional, spiritual as well as physiological. It endues you to affirmative thinking and self development. It also helps you to balance your life in harmony with nature and your environment.

How Rebirthing Breathwork is performed?

If Rebirthings Breathwork therapy, you breath-in a “circular way”, that means you inhale and exhale without any pause in between. When you do this an energy flows in the whole body. This flow of energy forces out all the negative emotions stored in the memory of the body. Gradually, you reach a deeper level and experience a mental state of bliss and are able to visualise the issues waxing you. This mental stage is called “Rebirth”. You experience a change within yourself and there is a transformation in how you feel about yourself and the situations over powering you.

What happens in the Rebirthing Breathwork session?

A Rebirthing Breath work session usually starts with a conversation between the rebirther and the breather. The conversation may be about anything depending upon what the rebirther wants to understand about the breather and their problem. The second part of the session is the actual rebirth which is the healing part of the session. Rebirthing is a breathing process where there are no special techniques. This is a natural breathing process. The rebirther may even put the breather thru the breathing without any conversation. However, the breather will still benefits from the procedure.

The breathers lies down. He/ She starts the breathing rhythm known as CCB (continues connecting breathing), which means breathing without any pause between the inhale and exhale. This could be done through the mouth or nose, though breathing thru the nose is recommended. The breathing thru nose is also less forceful and therefore is consider a better method.

The rebirther then guides the breather’s breathing pattern keeping a watch on any deviation of the breath. The breather breath thus for about 1 hour. This breathing rhythm creates a flow of energy in the body which eliminates all tension and blockages in the system. The energy enters into every cell and clears out negative emotions in the memory of the body which stores every experience of the person since his /her conception and even before.

After the breather reaches the state of bliss there is a shift in consciousness and he/she goes to the next level where they are able to see “something about their life”. This is akin to watching a movie about your life or simply knowing something new. Consequently the breather becomes clear on the issue. Different breathers have different experiences and every rebirth is different, though sometime a breather may find the same theme accuring again and again.

After the breather has completed the “energy cycle”, the rebirther allows him/her a few minutes to recover from the experience.

Once the process is over the rebirther rand breather discuss the experience. The rebirther after this may give the breather an affirmation to work or give some exercises to do at home or suggest few more sessions to solve the problem from the root