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Third Eye Activation

What is Third Eye?

The Third Eye is our ability to visualize what may be, to visualize potential. Everyone has access to his or her Third Eye. The pineal eye is frozen within the pineal body. 

Whereas the pineal body can be the focus for the insight, the Third Eye is truly far more than simply coaching yourself to attach to the pineal body. The Third Eye could be a natural a part of every one. a way to think about it's as a “meta” organ that consists of your

mind and all of your senses operating along as a bigger, a lot of powerful sensory organ that the Pineal body then acts as a focus to make a vision. The Third Eye could be a very active with little bit of natural evolution that enables you to visualize the patterns in your life.

Third Eye Activation

Your Third Eye will reveal these patterns to you by overlaying this data on high of your other senses. As a sense, your Third Eye is utilized in many alternative ways. People use their Third Eye to know hidden connections and answer queries. Energy workers ‘feel’ the energies around them and to then consciously manipulate that energy and each time you are feeling low, you're using your Third Eye to the touch and feel the emotions of others. Several different examples exist for a way individuals use the Third Eye. 

Third Eye Activation

Third Eye Positioned between the brows and simply higher than the attention level. The Third Eye is related to intuition and knowledge. within the material body, this energy center is traditionally related to the pituitary body as well as pineal body.Glands and chakras are intimately connected as they represent completely different levels of bodily functions, the primary one being centered on the physical, the other on the delicate energetic level. The pituitary gland is taken into account to be the “master gland” within the physical body as a result of it controls most of the opposite glands and their internal secretion production. The pineal gland is found within the middle of the brain, at different level because the eyes.

Third Eye Activation

How to Exercise your Third Eye Chakra

Let’s explore simple yet efficient exercises to support the opening of your 3rd eye. Here’s a list of practices that will give a boost to your intuitive energy center.

  • Exercise your intuition.
  • Divination practices
  • Dream work, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming
  • Visualizations
  • Guided meditation, silent meditation
  • Let your imagination loose
  • See, specialize in the house “in between” things
  • Be interested by symbolic meanings, symbols around you in several cultures and time periods
  • Commune with nature.
  • Enjoy artistic crafts
  • Free flow
  • Working with inner guidance, spirit guides
  • Practice contemplation
  • Practice contemplation

Benefits of Third Eye Activation

  • Increase your Consciousness- Eliminate stress and anxiety.
  • Harness the intuitive wisdom.
  • Helps to increase the Inner Intelligence.
  • It helps to know the use of “Law of Attraction”, which helps to manifest the desires in life.
  • Helps to look Insight vision.
  • It helps you to give you healing power.
  • It increases your Fluid intelligence.
  • It ensures mental toughness.
  • It increases the willpower & confidence.